How You Can Help the Homeless


It’s now mid November which means the frosty chilling evenings and frosty mornings are creeping up on us. The days are getting light later, and dark earlier. And the homeless are about to experience the worst weather of the year yet again. I’ve pulled together a few ways you can help without having to be a millionaire and donating all your money!

  1. Donate Your Unwanted Stuff!

donateNext time you do a clear out, and you make those annoyingly big awkward bags full of stuff to donate to your local charity shop. Try and pull out a few useful items. Such as coats, scarves, thick warm socks etc. T-shirts, trousers. Anything. This way you’re not spending any money and will still make a massive improvement to someone’s life this winter. You can take the things and find people to hand them out to, or look up your nearest homeless shelter and donate them that way!


2.  Hot Drinks

If you work in the city, invest in some plastic or polystyrene cups, a box of teabags/coffee and just before you leave for work every day, you can make a nice hot drink to hand out to someone if you know there’s usually someone on your journey back. This is cheap, quick and very useful as it will be cold and dark in the evenings and anyone on the streets would appreciate something warm to drink.



3. Duvets and Pillows

pillowsIf you are feeling a little more generous, if you’re anything like me and do work in the city you’ll know that there are homeless people all around. There are also Argos’s all around which sell cheap pillows and duvets, even blankets and sleeping bags. You can spend a small amount, but help a huge amount. You could pick this up and drop it straight to someone in need. This would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way.


4. Give Them Your Time

clockThis is free, and greatly appreciated. Have you ever actually stopped and just spoken to a homeless person? Found out their name? It could be 5 minutes, but these people don’t have much interaction socially. And it could be just the thing they need to keep them going. I’ve spoken to many people, some extremely friendly and forthcoming, others not so much. But that’s okay! It’s a struggle every day for them, so be kind, and be thoughtful.


5. Don’t Forget About Their Pets!

German Shepherd Dog pup, Zena, 18 weeks oldThis is a tricky one, and sometimes a controversial topic. People often don’t like seeing dogs and other animals in the care of homeless people as they often can’t give the animal everything they need. And the animal too would be sleeping rough. However, for a lot of these homeless people, their animals are all they have. You can get cheap pet food from EVERYWHERE and blankets and anything else. These animals they care about, and you showing your compassion could go a really long way.


Remember not everyone will be having a magical day on Christmas this year. So do anything you can to help their lives just that little bit easier, more comfortable, warmer. Socks, jumpers and anything clean and dry goes a long way. Do your bit empathize, and help.


4 thoughts on “How You Can Help the Homeless

  1. This is such an important topic. Where I live there aren’t a lot of homeless people if any. So they’re not sleeping outside, But bringing someone a coffee or a warm drink is the easiest thing to do.


  2. Thank you so much for bringing light to this topic Jamie! So many of us see homeless everyday and pass judgement, never thinking about if this was our family member or that this person deserves so much more. Giving back to them, especially during this cold, is so important. Thank you!

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