Miami (my final stop)

Miami is an incredible city. I wanted to end my trip with a relaxing hot destination so I could chill out and sun bathe. That is exactly what I did!! With South beach being so glorious and iconic, I couldn't help but spend literally all my time here. On the last coupe of days I … Continue reading Miami (my final stop)


Chicago was by far my favourite place. Seattle was very close, (see my Seattle post) but I fell in love with Chicago the minute I got there. I stayed in the area of Wicker Park and found this really cool and quite a hipster area. I was here on the last week of September, yet … Continue reading Chicago

Dry Shampoo

I wanted to start this post by saying I know it's been a month!! A month since I posted. I just had a lot going on it was a busy period! But now I'm back! So to kick start a new post, here's some info on Dry Shampoo! (Soon to come, will be my next … Continue reading Dry Shampoo