Phoenix – Arizona

Screenshot_20170913-212820.jpgStop number 3 I must say has been my favourite so far! The views in Arizona are just nothing like any of the places I have been to this trip.

The Grand Canyon has always been on my bucket list and finally at 21 I have managed to tick it off! I stayed in Phoenix so it was about 4 hour drive to get to the Grand Canyon. But it was more than worth it.

The weather in Arizona is hot as it’s south and is in the desert.

Grand Canyon

IMG_20170915_191327_772.jpgOne of the 7 natural wonders of the World, you can really see why! This is HUGE!! I looked up so many pictures before I came and thought I knew what to expect. But no amount of pictures will compare to the real thing. It was so hot like 40 degrees and then suddenly it just thunder stormed!! It was so cool to watch the rain clouds move over the canyon you could see the weather move across the land.

Route 65

IMG_20170915_191327_770.jpgWe also drove down Route 66 which again has been on my bucket list for so many years. Since I could drive I’ve wanted to go on that road. It’s so long it goes through so many states so we just went through the Arizona road but still!!

Arizona is a hot state! It was great to hang out in some proper sun after New York and D.C as they were warm but not super hot. So this was just what I needed! Seeing as it’s September so it’s cold in the UK!!

This was so much fun! I was sad to leave but I’m now onto my next stop!



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