Washington D.C

Screenshot_20170912-031421.jpgStop 2 on my long list of stops. This was pretty cool. Everything I wanted to do was near enough in the same place. It’s the capital of America and is it’s own district so doesnt ready fall into a state but we were staying just outside of D.C in Virginia.

Washington Monument

Screenshot_20170912-031510.jpgI watch a lot of American films, many where they are based in d.c maybe shot movies or political films etc.  So three a lot of filming around this monument. You can go right up to it and touch it! It’s really tall and was created to commemorate George Washington!

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Screenshot_20170912-031357.jpgSo this is self explanatory… it was built as a memorial for Abraham Lincoln. I remember seeing this again in a film (Night in the Museum 2) and thinking woah that looks cool I’d like to go there.  So there I was! You also get a cool view of the Washington Monument from there too.

The White House

Screenshot_20170912-031630.jpgThis took so long to find… I don’t know if I’m just terrible at directions but it seemed like every building around it was huge and white and lit up so we were spending a lot of time walking around the wrong  buildings… we eventually found it! By then it was pretty dark. But it was still cool to see. We even made friends with the secret service as they helped us find or bus stop!

D.C was literally a stop over point. We weren’t there for long. We soon flew out from baltimore to our next stop!

But I would strongly recommend visiting D.C it’s good!!



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