New York City

Screenshot_20170911-142259.jpgFollowing on from my America post. I informed you all that I would be travelling across America for the next few weeks. My first stop was NYC. THIS is how my trip went.

Me and a friend rented an airbnb in the heart of Manhattan making it super easy to get to all the top places. I had a list of all the sights I wanted to see to ensure I got it all in as I was only here for 4 days.

First up was: TIMES SQUARE

IMG_20170911_182557_481As soon as I stepped off the subway at 42nd Street. I was greeted with vibrant lights all around. It was almost breath taking. The buildings with digital billboards were so high up and bright I couldn’t have imagined it. After walking around and seeing all the bright lights that was pretty much it. There were shops and various restauraunts  (about 4 McDonald’s on each corner) but once you’ve seen the lights that’s pretty much the attraction. So we swiftly moved on.


Screenshot_20170911-142206.jpgYou can’t really miss this one. It’s huge. I just wanted to see the building to say I’d seen it but we entered and found that tickets to go to the viewing deck were $34 each. We knew this was a little pricey but… It was totally worth it. At first you’re inside looking out through Windows of the incredible views of NYC with various facts about the building. Then you go up another lift to the outside viewing deck. This was insane! It wasn’t that windy surprisingly being 86 floors up! But the views were 360 of the whole city and you could spot the Statue of Liberty, Brooklynn and many other famous landmarks in the city from this high point.


Screenshot_20170911-142110.jpgIf any of you are Gossip Girl fans (it’s a tv show) then you’d appreciate this one (As well as the Empire State actually…and many other landmarks in New York). This is self explanatory its literally just a train station. We went in and we both were stunned at how huge it was and how golden and beautiful the station was kept. There wasnt much else to do other than take a few snaps. So we went home!


Screenshot_20170911-142522.jpgOn day 2 we paid $25 each to take the boat tour out to the Statue of Liberty. The boat goes around the Island and you have amazing views of the statue. However we didn’t realise that to boat also stopped at the Island and you could go round the Statue and get some even better selfies! It’s a really sacred statue to the American people as it was a gift from France to celebrate their independence on July 4th.


Screenshot_20170911-142339.jpgProbably one of the most iconic parks in the World. It’s in the heart of Manhattan and it’s HUGE. We walked through quite a bit of it and even found the Gossip Girl Steps (Museum of Metropolitan Art). The park alone I fell in love with I liked how much nature it had yet was surrounded by the concrete jungle of NYC and all sky scrapers and surrounding buildings can be seen from within the park.

GROUND ZERO (World Trade Centre)

Screenshot_20170911-142634.jpgBeing in NYC for 9/11 this was quite a unique experience. The waterfalls are huge  (There are 2, one for the North tower and one for the South). Victims names are engraved all around the water feature and there were hundreds of roses placed on names and photographs of people’s loved and lost ones. There were 2 separate minute silences today for the victims who’s lives were taken in this tragic event. But having been there and seeing civilisation carrying on and creating such a beautiful water feature in place of a tragic event was comforting.

So these are the main things to see in NYC I would say. Of course I did a few other things too, like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hudson River etc. And there are some crazy good street performers there too! I would strongly recommend visiting this city if you haven’t already!!!

Now I’m onto my next city. Keep updates on my Twitter and this blog to find out where that is!!


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