America 2017

Screenshot_20170909-054231As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter I have been counting down the days since November 2016 to my trip in America. I have been wanting to do a trip around a few various states for a really long time. And finally it’s my time to explore.

I thought I’d do this introductory post before I start doing a post on every city/state I go to and my experiences there.

Screenshot_20170909-054258There are many many places I’ve wanted to visit in the states, And unfortunately time and money keeps me from doing the dream tour!

But finally my time has come to tick atleast some of the places/activities off my bucket list.

I will try my best to post photos and true experiences etc. But… I’m probably gonna be having a really great time so if I don’t post…that would be why! I’m way too busy enjoying myself 🙂

In total I believe it is 8 states that I will be visiting and exploring. So that’s more than enough america talk!


I’m so excited and cannot wait to share my first post on my first mystery city/state 👍





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