Los Angeles

Los angeles is an interesting place. It's pretty spread out and has very opposite attractions. I enjoyed Los Angeles, however I still feel like there is something missing in L.A unless you are rich. So first up. Hollywood/Beverly Hills This really is the glam and the glitz! This it's where it's all at! Celebrities have … Continue reading Los Angeles

San Francisco

San francisco came straight after Las Vegas. It was a great order of events as we were both so so tired from partying so hard in Vegas the previous few nights. California and Nevada are fairly close so again the flight was only an hour and a half or so. I didn't know what to … Continue reading San Francisco

Las Vegas!

I know it's been a while since I posted. But like I said it may happen that I start having way too much fun and don't have the time to write! Well this very much became reality in Vegas! Flying from Phoenix to Vegas really wasn't bad it was somethung like a 45 minute flight. … Continue reading Las Vegas!

Phoenix – Arizona

Stop number 3 I must say has been my favourite so far! The views in Arizona are just nothing like any of the places I have been to this trip. The Grand Canyon has always been on my bucket list and finally at 21 I have managed to tick it off! I stayed in Phoenix … Continue reading Phoenix – Arizona

Washington D.C

Stop 2 on my long list of stops. This was pretty cool. Everything I wanted to do was near enough in the same place. It's the capital of America and is it's own district so doesnt ready fall into a state but we were staying just outside of D.C in Virginia. Washington Monument I watch … Continue reading Washington D.C

New York City

Following on from my America post. I informed you all that I would be travelling across America for the next few weeks. My first stop was NYC. THIS is how my trip went. Me and a friend rented an airbnb in the heart of Manhattan making it super easy to get to all the top … Continue reading New York City

America 2017

As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter I have been counting down the days since November 2016 to my trip in America. I have been wanting to do a trip around a few various states for a really long time. And finally it's my time to explore. I thought I'd … Continue reading America 2017

Camping in Luxembourg

Having just passed a bank holiday (UK) I decided to use this free time to do another little city trip! I'm so fond of short breaks driving in Europe. I'm pretty confident on the road, and the only country within comfortable driving distance I haven't been to is Luxembourg! So this is where I chose … Continue reading Camping in Luxembourg