Zante: The Beautiful Side

Zante is the well known Island in which many party-goers travel here for the cheap booze, loud music and hot sun. Specifically Laganas is the attractive party area of the Island. And I feel like many people have pre-set thoughts of the Island, without considering the beautiful elements the Island has to offer. I came … Continue reading Zante: The Beautiful Side

MUA Matte Lipgloss Review

I came across this brand a few years ago. And was absoloutely taken back by their obscenely cheap prices. £1 lipsticks and £4 eyeshadow palettes. I figured there must be something wrong! I wasn't!! I have since bought so much MUA makeup (stands for MakeUp Academy) - and can be purchased from Boots.  AND ARE … Continue reading MUA Matte Lipgloss Review

Veganism. What?! Why?!

I decided to write a post on what veganism is, why people do it and how it is possible for you to do it. Please do not think this is a post trying to 'convert' you. Or tell you how bad you are that you aren't vegan. It really isn't. It's just a little bit … Continue reading Veganism. What?! Why?!