Free/Cheap Summer Days Out


Summer is on our doorstep! (For those in England/London especially will know that summer feeling has already started! So it got me thinking, what is there to do in the Summer for free! Or at least cheap! So I got researching and will share with you what I have found. Bear in mind some will relate solely to the London/UK area but hopefully they can apply to where you are too.

1 Go on a Sunrise/Sunset Hike

This is a great idea for those ‘outdoorsey’ people. Finding a nearby mountain or if that is impossible for your area of living! Then simply a woods, or even an adventure trail. Packing up a rucksack, with some snacks and water and taking nothing but a map with you and NO PHONE, through dusk or dawn can make quite a peaceful experience. If you’re a lone wolf, then try this alone. If not then grab some friends or even your family!



2 Camp on the Beach

s3This is perfect. Having done this growing up as a teenager, we definitely knew how to camp in awesome style. We would pack up and go at about midnight and spend the night there (it’s fun setting up at night because it’s so dark). Take some alcohol, and have a mini party with friends. Wake up the following day and spend it on the beach chilling. Or, if you want it with your family, then do it reverse, go there in the day, and camp over night! Nothing that a couple of disposable BBQ’s can’t perfect.


3 Play Water Twister

s4So this is regular twister…you know the game where your limbs get all tangled up. But in the garden, with a hose spraying at inconvenient intervals. It makes it fun and great for hot days outside. This can be great fun with your friends with a few bears/cocktails and a BBQ in the garden. Or a fun family experience with very happy children playing games, running in the sun and staying cool with water.


4 Go and Get Lost

s5So this is very much one for the friends I think. This is actually more difficult than you think! So on a hot summers day there are many precautions you need to take if you are planning to get lost. Water, plenty of water. A phone for emergencies. And some money. However, once the boring safety is established. The fun can begin. Either drive, or jump on a train/bus to anywhere. Keep going, if you’re in a car take turns deciding who navigates choosing turns etc. Buses, do the ‘bus jump’ same with trains. Keep going until you have NO IDEA where you are. Then. Explore!


5 Giant Picnic

s1Stock up on a shit load of snacks, drinks (alcohol if you’re feeling cheeky) and games to keep you all entertained for a whole day in the middle of a giant field. Unusual places generally make awesome spots. But you can play it safe and go to a well known picnic park! Remember to pack cups, cutlery, napkins, blankets, suncream and jumpers! (For when the sun starts to set) And any other outdoor games or entertainment to keep the day going on. This is perfect for friends and families to get involved and spend a lovely day in the sun.


So ok… These things aren’t completely free. Obviously there are some minor payments involved. E.G, petrol, picnic food, etc.

But these 5 ideas can really be done on a low budget! And, the best thing about them is once you’ve done one of them you’ve pretty much got all the stuff to do the other 4 ideas too! With regards to camping, just ask friends/families if you can borrow their stuff.
(It’s the 21st Century, someone you know is bound to have camping/outdoor gear)

I hope you have been inspired by a couple of these ideas!

Let me know which ones you decide to do this Summer!!


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