Hot Hair! (Extensions and Wigs)


Do you ever suffer from flat hair? Dull, volume-less sad looking hair?! No? Just me? Well, I found something that works wonderfully. Hot Hair UK is a company that provides amazing hair extensions for all hair types, colours, and lengths. I have reviewed one of their products!

As some of you may know,  if you have me on Instagram etc. I have long brunette hair (with tips now aqua-blue-green). And my hair often goes flat at the top as it is so heavy. When I curl my hair it often drops at the roots and remains nice a curly at the bottom.

I have tried so many products to help my hair to keep it’s bounce and volume at the roots but nothing has worked.

I came across Hot Hair and saw that they offer a type of hair extension that will fill out my hair and create volume and thickness. I thought I’d order it!

(I also got the tangle teazer too for those awful morning tangles)

So in the post this is what arrived!!!

The following photos of what my hair looks like before, how I did it, and how my hair looks after!


As you can see in this pic, my hair is long, and brown with the tips of my hair dyed blue, green, aqua.




First pic is the extensions as they came, they’re mid length and have a natural end curl.

Secondly I thought I’d show the back of the extensions the clips and how it is layered. These clips blended into my hair so well you couldn’t see any of them when I had put them in.

So first I partitioned my hair, into halves. I pinned up the top half (usually your layers if you have layers – mine have grown out now).

And then I clipped in the extensions, as you can see a PERFECT colour match!

The finally, the end result!


So ultimately, you can see that this has really helped my hair dilemma. I don’t have to use any product. And even though I have the blue at the end of my hair, the brown extensions work with my hair as they are hidden and work with a soft curl.

If you check the website out you can see all the other amazing products they sell!

Hot Hair UK

AND! luckily, you’re just in time for their summer sale! Which has products of up to
70% off!!!! Check out the link below.

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