Just Smile! (Teeth Whitening Review)


I recently had the luxury of trying out this tooth whitening powder from Just Smile! I’ve been looking for a natural way to whiten my teeth and increase my oral hygiene through natural products. Which also doesn’t test on animals !!! Read on to find out my thoughts!

Just Smile is a a 100% natural tooth whitening product! Made from Coconut activated carbon, bentonite clay, Organic mint extract, and organic orange peel extract.

I have tried so many products to get a good white healthy look for my teeth, from lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, to tooth whitening paste and even LED laser whitening!

I haven’t managed to find something that works long term, and therefore thought I’d give this one a go! It has amazing results as it is designed to not only whiten your teeth but it also cleans them!

                                               AND ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE!!!


It is designed to eliminate and remove stains from your teeth and help maintain a brilliantly hygienic mouth and keep your teeth white and sparkly!

This product comes in a little black tub of fine, black powder, along with a bamboo toothbrush!





The steps;smile1

1 Wet the toothbrush

2 Dip the toothbrush into the powder

3 Brush Brush Brush!

4 Rinse your mouth out fully

5 Enjoy the amazing results!


So I tried this product for the first time a couple of days ago, and already I can see the results! I have such a fresher and cleaner feel after using this as I can feel it working brushing around the gums and removing any grit or dirt off of my teeth.

This product works by removing stains from the teeth, so this would be really good for people who drink lots of tea/coffee or perhaps smoke. So many foods and drinks can really stain your teeth. Curry, beetroot, and many other sauces and dark coloured foods can really have an impact on your teeth. So by using this product, you can prevent all this colour damage!!

This isn’t to replace normal teeth brushing routines, it’s an additional thing to do for teeth and oral hygiene!


, you can get your own for such a great value!

Just click on this link and have a look for yourself! > Just Smile UK

I even have a discount code for you all to use “JAMIE10”



Let me know how the product worked for you and how quickly you saw results too!


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