Free/Cheap Summer Days Out

Summer is on our doorstep! (For those in England/London especially will know that summer feeling has already started! So it got me thinking, what is there to do in the Summer for free! Or at least cheap! So I got researching and will share with you what I have found. Bear in mind some will … Continue reading Free/Cheap Summer Days Out

Hot Hair! (Extensions and Wigs)

Do you ever suffer from flat hair? Dull, volume-less sad looking hair?! No? Just me? Well, I found something that works wonderfully. Hot Hair UK is a company that provides amazing hair extensions for all hair types, colours, and lengths. I have reviewed one of their products! As some of you may know,  if you … Continue reading Hot Hair! (Extensions and Wigs)

Just Smile! (Teeth Whitening Review)

I recently had the luxury of trying out this tooth whitening powder from Just Smile! I've been looking for a natural way to whiten my teeth and increase my oral hygiene through natural products. Which also doesn't test on animals !!! Read on to find out my thoughts! Just Smile is a a 100% natural … Continue reading Just Smile! (Teeth Whitening Review)


I have been nominated by the lovely Emily (aka. Red Daily) to answer 11 questions she has given me. Then nominate another 11 bloggers of my choice and to provide another 11 questions for them to answer as part of the Liebster Award, as a way to get to know talented bloggers with smaller audiences. The … Continue reading LIEBSTER AWARD!!

5 Netflix Series YOU Must Watch!!!

Speaking as an experienced 'Netflix-er' I feel like I really should do a favour for the World and give my professional opinions of the top 5 series you MUST watch. Everyone needs a good series to get stuck into and sometimes when a beloved series has ended, like me, you might find that you are … Continue reading 5 Netflix Series YOU Must Watch!!!