Why You Should Really Start Doing Yoga


I always knew of yoga, but never really thought about doing it, until recently I was diagnosed with something that prevented me from doing exercise! So yoga was my only option for exercise really as it works the muscles but doesn’t create too much stress on your heart. I always thought yoga was just sitting breathing slowly and getting into awkward positions and I was adamant wouldn’t be good for anyone’s bodies let alone mine! But here I am, 3 months later a self-training Yogi, and here’s why you should be doing the same!

1 Builds Muscle Strength


For those who really want to build their muscles and tone their bodies yoga is perfect for this as you are constantly holding strong positions and straining and even though everything is done slowly it’s much more strenuous on your muscles, hence, making them stronger.



2 Perfects Your Posture



SO many people nowadays don’t have a good posture anymore, this can be due to slouching on chairs all day either at schools or work offices and this can have a serious impact on your body later on in life. Yoga improves posture as it is disciplined in how you hold positions. Yoga teaches you how to stretch properly and relieve strain off of your neck and spine.


3 Increases Blood Flow



The relaxation techniques in yoga really help with blood flow as it slows your heart rate but increases the oxygen into your cells. It thins blood and therefore reduces the risk of blood clots which would decrease your chances of heart attacks and stroke.



4 It Makes You Happier!



What other reason do you really need? Yoga has been proven to help with depression and increase serotonin levels significantly. So whenever you’re feeling sad, do some yoga! This is why yoga is encouraged first thing in the morning as it can help you start a fresh happier day.



5 It Gives You Peace of Mind


Similarly to my previous point, yoga has a real calming nature to it, and can help in times of anxiety, frustration, fear and stress. Since all these emotions have links to causing migraines, insomnia and even lupus, if you learn to calm your mind with yoga, you might live longer!



6 Sleep Better



Sufferers of insomnia have found that taking part in Yoga every day has had extremely beneficiary impacts on their sleeping patterns. Certain yoga poses can help you to relax your mind and body, and this is a great step in relieving anxiety and worries at night time which prevents you from sleeping.



So here are 6 reasons that I fully believe are truthful with yoga. I try and practice twice a day every morning and evening, but when I can’t at least once a day or as often as possible. You might be surprised at how flexible you already are, or how much it can benefit you!

If you are looking for a place to start I would seriously recommend the 30 Day Challenge by ‘Yoga With Adriene’ on YouTube. Just click on the link below and do the first video !

30 Days of Yoga With Adriene, Day 1

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