My 5 Bucket List Ideas

bucketThis is easy! Easiest post to write, as it’s complete freedom with imagination and creativity. I have an actual bucket list, it’s written on the back page of a owl note pad a family friend got me for my first day of uni (which I dropped out of after 2 weeks but hey ho!) I will share just some with you, otherwise I’ll go on forever.  I am slowly ticking them off! But bucket lists have got to be once in a lifetime experiences. So it’s gonna take time…


          1 Skydive

skydiveYes, yes, I know! Skydive is so typical! EVERYONE wants to skydive right? WRONG!! There are so many people who would say “I wanna skydive” but we all know if it actually came to them tipping off the edge of a plane, they’d definitely brick it.

So, I would LOVE to do a skydive, yes I would definitely brick it too, would probably panic the shit out, but I think I’d really love it once I’ve jumped.

My dad jumped a few times, he got a certificate and was able to jump on his own. When I was younger I used to look at the photos (not much of a photo tbh, it’s just a dot, followed by a bigger dot) but this inspired me to want to do one. You can even do them for charity!


          2 Whale Watching

whaleThis is one people forget about I think. Although I haven’t yet met someone who DOESN’T want to meet a whale, but also haven’t found someone who has it on their bucket list. Like I said, usually forgotten about! I think because it’s such a slow process, and there’s a chance nothing will happen. It’s a very patient bucket list idea.

People have mentioned how they don’t realise just how big the Whales are and how big the ocean is, when it’s put into perspective, and it really grounds them.

However! Come Seattle in September when I’m roaming about, I shall try my best to do a bit of Whale Watching!

So hopefully that’ll be one ticked off soon!


3 Galapagos Islands

galapagosSo you might find in my official bucket list, that most of my ideas are travel based… So, they involve going to really obscure places, or, going to somewhere really common, but doing an obscure thing!

So the Galapagos Islands are just off the coast of Ecuador. This is an amazing place because there are species of animal that have only ever been found there.

The water is crystal clear and the animal life completely un-touched. I would love to visit here and scuba dive (which would actually tick off another idea!) and see what the ocean and the Islands really have to offer!


4 Fly a Plane

planeThis has been on my list for sooooo long!

Learning to fly a plane is so expensive, you could go on so many holidays for the price it costs. BUT! This will be more for when I’m older I think…when I’ve done most of the places I wanted to, and what’s left to do when you’ve traveled every where other than to fly a plane?

My uncle and my cousin both have pilot licenses, my cousin was in the RAF and my uncle took lessons to drive a small plane. So it’s definitely do-able!

Just imagine the view! (A helicopter would be cool too – I wouldn’t rule that out)


5 Spend Christmas in Another Country

christmasThis is something I’ve always dreamt about since Home Alone! Spending Christmas in New York or somewhere really Christmas-y.

Although saying that, I plan to spend Christmas of 2018 in Australia, but not for the Christmas-y reason, but for the SUN!

Australia have BBQ’s on the beach for Christmas!! This would be an incredible experience, and I really hope I can tick it off by the end of next year!!

Short and sweet this post. I have many more amazing ideas, and maybe I’ll do another version of my next 5 ideas!

Let me know what your Bucket List Ideas are! Maybe we have some the same?!


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