Bored…? My Top 5 Boredom Killers


Everyone has those moments, when you really just don’t know what to do with yourself! You keep thinking, what can I do? What can I do?! But nothing springs to mind. Whether it be bad weather outside, stopping you from doing the plans you had, or just simply you have no plans and need to find something to do on your own, this list will help you to find something to kill your boredom!

          1 Paint Your Cheap Jewellery With Clear Nail Polish

Yes… people actually do this! If you’re like me, and seem to like all the cutesy little jewellery bits and bobs you can find in markets and (my guiltiest pleasure) eBay, then you know that the quality of such items isn’t always its best.

I am the worst for forgetting to take off jewellery when getting into the shower or bath, meaning they ultimately turn a greeny off colour after a few weeks.

You can fix this, by shaping them up to look brand new, by simply painting them! Invest in a good clear nail polish and paint away. Leave them to dry on a tin tray so they don’t make a mess and you don’t want tissue sticking to the paint.

They end up looking shiny and brand new! Voila!

2 Jazz Up Your House Keys

Another painting idea involving nail varnish. This one is ideal for when you aren’t planing on leaving the house within the next 24 hours, as the keys will be painted!

Glittery nail varnishes are best, as they have the best outcome in my opinion. But Just the top of the key, where the head meets the ring is where you should paint. If you paint the actual key there’s a chance they won’t work! So don’t do that!

This is a simple process similar to the jewellery painting as just a small bit of nail varnish can make all the difference for a colourful set of keys!

3 Test Your Knowledge With Sporcle

Someone introduced me to this site, and since then, it has taken over my life!

This is literally, a site of quizzes. Sounds super boring I know. But, they have all kinds of quizzes for you to try out. Not only does it test your knowledge but it can make you competitive against yourself!

You can do general knowledge quizzes or very specific ones from TV shows to books you might be into, and then you can see how much of a true fan you really are!

– This is also great for competing against friends and family as you can send the link and see how well they do against you!
Just click onto Sporcle and give it a go!

          4 Bake!

Admittedly, I am not a baker. Nor will I ever be with the amount of food I burn and ruin. However! It doesn’t hurt to try.

This suggestion is very simple, and very self explanatory.

If you have a few hours on your hands, and you’re not sure what to do, then look up an intricate cake recipe, or any other baking product, head down to the shops, get the ingredients and get baking!

Just to see how well you can do against a really difficult task!

And you never know… you might find a new talent!

Even if the product doesn’t look the way it does in pictures…look on the bright side! You have a cake to eat, and no one you have to share with!

 5 Yoga

Some of you may already be full on Yogi’s, but if you’re more like me, and have just started or never even considered yoga, you’d be surprised at how great it really is.

I was so sceptical about it at first! I thought it was just sitting down in awkward positions breathing slowly. But it is so much more! And can really be challenging.

You might impress yourself with how well you can hold a crow pose, or do a headstand.

So, go on to YouTube search some yoga positions to learn, or simply do a half hour yoga session. You will feel so relaxed after and you might even know what you want to do next without having to look at my other 4 ideas!


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