My Top 5 Beauty Tips&Tricks

I have put together 5 of my most used and most trusted beauty tips that some are quite common! You might have heard of them already, and others maybe not. But give them a try, see how they work for you and let me know how they go! They work so well for me. Most are such cheap alternatives as well and do just as good a trick as other methods!

l11.Talc For a Greasy Scalp

So I learnt about this trick quite a while back. When I would continuously use dry shampoo in a hurry to rid of the grease from my desperate-need-of-a-wash hair.

I found out that actually dry shampoo when used in excess can have some pretty bad results. It is full of chemicals that yes…give you that fluff and de-grease that you need, but can thin the roots of your hair so much, that they end up breaking off. Meaning your hair will thin!

Talc is (and I quote from Google) Talcum powder is made from talc, a mineral made up mainly of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. As a powder, it absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction, making it useful for keeping skin dry and helping to prevent rashes.” – This would indicate it isn’t as bad as dry shampoo on your scalp/hair.

Just sprinkle it in to the roots (a little tip if you have dark hair is to do it in layers under the hair as it does show white!) 

This helps to not only absorb all the grease, but also gives your hair a proper ‘fluff’ up!


l22. Shaving With Hair Conditioner

This is one that I’ve come across some who do this religiously, and others who have never heard of it or even thought of it before!

It’s pretty simple, you just replace your shower gel, or shaving foam with hair conditioner! You simply put the conditioner on the area you are shaving (legs tends to work best) and then use that as your shaving cream.

This is a great and useful tip as the conditioner is full of rich moisturizers which when in a hot shower, seep into the open pores of your skin. Making it super smooth!!

Simple…yet effective! (this is also great for those who use fake tan, as it doesn’t take the tan off as much!)



3. Back Shave Before Shaving!

So this is another shaving tip… anyone would think I’m Chewbacca with the amount of shaving tips I have!

This is so straightforward similar to tip 2. It’s pretty self explanatory. I think men might do this for their facial hair? But I was only aware of it as a useful trick in the last year.

When it’s Winter…and you haven’t really tended to the leg hair as frequently as one might in the season of Summer! It can get a little out of hand. Am I right? Come on ladies, we know we all do this.

Anyway! I have a solution, to help with the tricky shaving issue when tackling those long hairs! By shaving down your leg, with the leg hair is chops it into a much shorter, much more manageable length! It also stops your razor being clogged up with long hairs as it trims them. Then! You can go against the hairs like a normal shave (using tip 2 for an even better effect!) and it’s much easier to tackle those short stubbly hairs!


l44. Talc Lips for Matt Lips

This tip involves the use the beloved talc powder again! (You can find blogs that can give 10+ useful tips for talc alone!)

Have you ever found the perfect lipstick shade of whatever colour, and just wished it was matt? Well fear not! Your problems can all be resolved with this handy little 2 minute trick!

Simply apply the lipstick, then, by using either talc (or a loose or compact face powder) you dab it onto your lips. This will absorb the moisture from your lips and create a matted effect. Sometimes, the colour will lighten, so you’ll usually need to repeat this a few times. Apply the lipstick back onto the talc/powder and then keep going until you have the right consistency.

Useful tip! You can do the opposite, and turn a matte lipstick into shiny, by simply applying a clear lip gloss on top or Vaseline!
Also, this trick of applying powder on lipstick helps to keep the lipstick from sliding off your lips!


l55. Vaseline Eyelashes

Again! Another self explanatory tip! (I enjoy self explanatory tips, is that lazy?)

So, this was a trick once portrayed in the brilliant ‘Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ movie. Where Georgia applies a ridiculous amount of Vaseline to her eyelashes in the hope they will grow longer.

This is sort of true… sort of untrue.

So what Vaseline WILL do is, moisturize the hair follicles of the lash hairs, preventing them from falling out as frequently. Vaseline is a great moisturizer and is good for those delicate parts of the skin.

I also swipe a small amount of Vaseline onto my eyelashes on days where I don’t feel like wearing makeup, as it can darken the lashes giving a false mascara effect! If you curl them, it’s just a good as a little bit of mascara! And completely healthy for your eyes!


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